In 2018 the world feels more dangerous, more threatening, and more unpredictable than ever. Old systems are being swept away and existing orders are challenged, not just from without, but from within. New powers are rising, old tribes are being reinvented, unknown and threatening actors are pushing themselves into prominence. And technology is moving and an unprecedented rate.

Change is accelerating and the future feels completely uncertain, leaving many people frightened and angry.   

Why is all this happening? How did we get to this point? And where could it all be going?   

In this four-part series by Real Vision Television in association with Grace Greek Media and presented by intelligence and foreign policy expert Dee Smith (a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations, CEO of global private intelligence agency Strategic Insight Group, and Vice Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin), we embark on a journey around the globe, using the big-picture approach of geopolitics to gain a glimpse at what tomorrow might look like . . . and to understand how we might best navigate the future.   

A World on the Brink explores these most fundamental of questions featuring commentary and insight from 19 leaders from around the world drawn from disciplines as diverse as foreign policy, diplomacy, the military, psychology, finance, engineering, theology, and history.   

Over this series, Dee Smith pieces together a matrix of information, revealing insight into what is happening in such key areas as the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, the United States — and equally important, into the rising threats we face and the reasons they are escalating. From globalism to anti-globalism, from cyber war to bio-threats, and from world order to social de-cohesion, A World on the Brink will give a view never before available of the crises of our times: what is really going on, why it is happening, and what we might do about it.

In Episode One, host Dee Smith poses the question: We live in the most advanced and interconnected global system in history. Why does it seem so dangerous and unstable? The program examines the roots of today’s global order, and looks at how mass migration, global trade, and terrorism pose new threats and challenges. Are we on the brink of a new order? If so, what will it look like?

Since the end of the Cold War, globalization has knitted the world together and raised nearly a billion people out of poverty. But some say the globalization has contributed to growing inequality within societies, while the benefits have accrued mostly to the world’s very rich. The Brexit vote in the UK and the election of Donald Trump in the US are just two examples of a reaction against the internationalization of commerce and communication. Can globalization adapt to emerging political demands, or are we on the path toward protectionism?

In this episode, we look at a part of the world where three continents and many cultures collide. It is the birthplace of three great monotheistic religions, and the site of much of today’s most violent and intractable conflicts. The modern transformation of the Middle East begins with the redrawing of national borders at the end of the First World War, and includes the rise of tremendous oil wealth, the growth of Al Qaeda and a controversial Islamic movement called Wahhabism, and the birth of ISIS. 

In the final episode of A World On The Brink, Dee Smith examines the changing nature of conflict. The threat of nuclear attack from unstable states like North Korea and terrorist groups continues to grow. New cyber and biological weapons have opened fresh avenues for global conflict, while providing non-state actors with increasing power to disrupt society at every level. Responding to these threats while maintaining an open society and a respect for individual rights will be one of the great challenge of the 21st Century.

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Dee Smith is CEO of global private intelligence agency Strategic Insight Group, which he founded in 1995. He has worked in more than 90 countries and has served as advisor for over US$60 billion in investment transactions.

He is a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York; Vice Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies/Benson Library, University of Texas at Austin; a member of the Bretton Woods Committee in Washington, D.C.; Immediate Past President of the Board of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations.

He has over 30 years of experience in multiple research and analytical disciplines and has directed thousands of intelligence projects in dozens of industries. Areas of work have ranged from investment and transactional intelligence to geopolitical analysis and risk forecasting, corporate market and competitor intelligence, corporate fraud investigations, litigation intelligence, and military intelligence and counter-terrorism.

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